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Robert Hillmer Award - Hillmer Award Criteria 2016.doc
Award of Merit -Award of Merit Form 2016.doc
Accounting Teacher of the Year Award - Accounting Teacher Award 2016.doc
Innovative Teacher of the Year Award - Innovative Business Educator 2016.doc
Life Membership Award -Life Membership Form 2016.doc


Robert Hillmer Award

For career long outstanding and dedicated service to Business Studies.

2015 Rosy Nadalin Kennedy

2014     Lynda Anstett
2013     Laura Pinto
2012     Al Samsa
2011     Ron Robinson
2010     Zenobia Omarali
2009     Don Lawrence
2008     Wai Lau
2007     Lucio Pavone
2006     Leonard Bulmer
2005     Doug Metler
2004     Linda Brown
2003     Madeline Dennis
2002     Cathy Pitt
More Past Hillmer Awards

Hillmer Award Criteria 2014.doc

Award of Merit

For promotion of and increasing awareness of Business Studies.


  • Brian Raposo, York Region DSB
  • Bill Shoenhardt, York Region DSB
  • Lisa Omeri, Halton DSB


  • Karen Bond, Ministry of Education
  • Lea Konforte, Toronto DSB
  • Kathleen Moraghan, Simcoe DSB
  • Catherine Oake, Greater Essex County DSB


  • Brenda Nickoloff, Toronto DSB
  • Barbara Shatkosky, Waterloo Region DSB
  • Fanny Sotiriou, Peel DSB
  • Susan Young, Avon-Maitland DSB
  • Peter McAsh
  • Rosy Nadalin Kennedy


  • Gail Adams
  • Jeff Balch
  • Leo Leclair
  • Suzanne Rolland


  • Ross Ferrera
  • Lorie Guest
  • Mary Beth Hurley
  • Norm Innocente


  • Philip Mathia
  • Agi Mete
  • John Pownall
  • Dave Taylor


  • Joe Piskovic
  • David Thairs
  • Sandra Falconer
  • Gary Peacock


  • Paul Campbell
  • Dan Pasic
  • Ron Robinson
  • Elliot Scolnik


  • Pat Dertinger
  • Jaye Herbert
  • Jan Marrelli


  • Lynda Anstett
  • Ann McClure
  • Lucio Pavone
  • Wai Lau


  • Susan Nugent
  • Bob Baran

Award of Merit Form 2014.doc

CPA Accounting Teacher of the Year

2015: Dan Pasic, Thames Valley DSB
2014: Daniel Lustrinelli, Halton DSB
2013: Stephanie Sloan, York Region DSB
2012: Karen Bond
2011: Rosemary Bartlett
2010: Jeff Boulton
2009: Rosy Nadalin Kennedy
2008: Linda Martin
2007: Wai Lau
2006: Errol Platt
2005: Ron Robinson

Acounting Teacher Award 2014.doc

Innovative Business Education Teacher

2015: Candace Bamber, Toronto DSB
2014: Laura Briscoe, Thames Valley DSB
2013: Jeff Boulton, Halton DSB
2012: Brian Raposo, York Region DSB
2011: Mary Jane Page, Halton DSB
2010: Bill Schoenhardt, York Region DSB

Innovative Business Educator 2014.doc

Honourary Life Membership

For outstanding and dedicated service to Business Studies in Ontario, Honorary Life Membership shall be awarded to a retired member of the Organization who is deemed by the Nominating Committee to have made a substantial contribution to the Organization and to Business Education in the Province. The following teachers have earned honourary life memberships to the OBEA.

Kathi Bogue, Thames Valley DSB
Jeff Balch, Thames Valley DSB

Rosemary Bartlett, Thames Valley DSB
Joan Harrison, Thames Valley DSB

Peter McAsh
Roy Parteno

Life Membership Form 2014. doc

Alexander Pringle Seggie Award

The Alexander Pringle Seggie Award is presented to an outstanding graduate at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

2009: Stacey Keller
2008: Mohini Athia
2007: Isa Maccari
2006: Jennifer Wilson

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